ACT Test: Mandatory For College Admissions

ACT is the American College Testing examination. The test has been made compulsory for seeking admissions to all four-year degree programs and is employed by all educational institutes in America. The test has the same standard as the SAT examination.

As the name suggests, the ACT examination is used to ascertain the level of knowledge a person has acquired through school education and how competent is he/she to meet the demands of college education. The test helps gauze the educational competence of a high school student to determine his/her performance through college.

The test is conducted by the ACT Inc in the USA in 50 states. The ACT examination has questions based on four subjects; Science, English, Reading and Mathematics. The test pattern consists of multiple choice questions. The marks awarded for each subject are between 1 and 36. The marking system uses integer format.

The total score is calculated depending on the marks scored for each subject. The English paper has seventy five questions, the mathematics paper has sixty and the Science and Reading papers have forty questions each. Hence the first compulsory part of the ACT exam consist of 215 multiple choice question in four different subjects.

There is also a writing examination that consists of essay type questions as well as questions associated with planning. This is an optional section and the scores for this part do not affect the total score.

The ACT examination system does not award negative points unlike the SAT. Correct responses receive a score and incorrect responses are ignored. The students can take the test again if they aren’t happy with their performance in the ACT. A high school student is given six chances to take the ACT exam.

The test is mainly conducted during the months of February, April, June, September, October and December every year. The test is usually kept on a Saturday and the students receive their results via mail. Students can also send the scores achieved for ACT directly to their high school and a maximum of four colleges they have zeroed in for graduation.

The cost of ACT examination is USD 33 for the first part. The optional second part test costs USD 48. The total duration of the test is 4.5 hours including the writing test and 4 hours minus the writing part.