Academic Programs on Materials Science in UK

Materials-Science1 There are many UK universities that offer academic programs in the discipline of materials science.

University of Birmingham is a major centre for materials science programs like Biomaterials MRes; Materials Science & Technology/Materials Engineering (3/4 years) BEng/MEng (Hons); Materials Science and Energy Engineering BEng/MEng (Hons) and Materials for Sustainable Energy Technology MRes program.

Major materials science courses offered by the Queen Mary, University of London are Biomaterials BSc (Hons); Materials MPhil; Materials PhD; Materials Science and Engineering MEng (Hons); Materials with Business (4 years) MEng (Hons) and Materials with Business BEng (Hons) program.

University of Nottingham conducts Advanced Materials MSc; Materials – Design Engineering MEng (Hons) and Materials – Mechanical Engineering MEng (Hons) programs in the subject of materials science

University of Sheffield has several courses such as Materials Science & Engineering with a Modern Language MEng (Hons); Materials Science and Engineering (3 years) BEng (Hons); Materials Science and Engineering (with a year in Japan) BEng (Hons); Materials Science and Engineering with a Foundation Year (4 or 5 years) MEng (Hons) and Materials Science and Engineering with a year in Japan MEng (Hons) on offer for the career aspirants in the field of materials science.

University of Manchester conducts programs like Materials MSc (Res)/MPhil/PhD; Materials Science and Engineering BSc (Hons); Metallic Materials MSc (Res)/MPhil/PhD and Polymer Materials Science and Engineering PgCert/PgDip/MSc programs.

Imperial College London offers Materials with a Year Abroad (4 years) BEng (Hons); Mechanics of Materials MPhil/PhD/DIC; Plastic Electronic Materials MRes and Theory and Simulation of Materials MSc courses.

Oxford University: Materials sciences programs offered at the Oxford University includes Materials (by Research) MSc; Materials MPhil and Materials Science MEng (Hons) degrees.

University of Liverpool: Materials Science (4 years) BEng (Hons); Materials Science and Engineering BEng (Hons); Materials Science and Engineering MPhil; Materials Science and Engineering PhD and Materials, Design and Manufacture BEng (Hons) are the major materials science programs available at the University of Liverpool

Universities such as Loughborough University (Materials Physics and Applications MSc); London Metropolitan University (Materials Research MPhil/PhD); Swansea University (Materials Science & Engineering (with a year abroad) BEng Hons and Materials Science and Engineering (including Foundation year) BEng Hons); University of Cambridge (Materials Science and Metallurgy PhD); University of Salford (Materials Physics MSc); University of Leeds (Materials MSc Eng/MPhil/PhD and Materials Science & Engineering MEng/BEng Hons); University of Bradford (Materials Analysis MPhil and Materials Analysis PhD); University of Central Lancashire (Materials Science MPhil and Materials Science PhD); University of St Andrews (Materials Science MSc Hons); Glyndwr University (Materials Science/Advanced Materials PhD/MPhil/MSc By Research); University of Bolton (Advanced Materials MSc and Materials Research and Innovation Specialisms (by Publication) MPhil/PhD); Nottingham Trent University (Advanced Materials Chemistry MRes) and University of Southampton (Ship Science/Advanced Materials (4 years) MEng Hons) also offer good programs in materials science.