Academic Programmes on Ethnic Studies in Canada

University-of-Alberta Academic Programmes on Ethnic Studies with various options in Native Studies, Native American Studies, Indigenous Studies, Migration and Ethnic Relations, Aboriginal Studies and Hispanic studies are available in many Canadian universities. Nipissing University, University of Alberta and University of Manitoba conduct BA in Native studies, Master of Native studies (MA or MSc) and PhD in native studies.

Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies, MA in Indigenous Studies and PhD in Indigenous Studies are available at the McMaster University, University of Calgary, the University of British Columbia and the Trent University.

Courses on American Studies are offered at the University of Lethbridge (Bachelor of Arts in Native American Studies, Master of Arts in Native American Studies), Simon Fraser University (BA or BBA with joint major in Latin American studies), Wilfrid Laurier University (BA in North American Studies), Queen’s University (BA in Spanish and Latin American studies), University of Toronto, University of Waterloo(BA in American Studies, BA in Latin-American Studies), York University and McGill University (BA honours in Latin American and Caribbean studies).

York University, McGill University and the University of British Columbia conducts programmes such as Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish plus Hispanic Studies, MA in Hispanic Studies and PhD in Hispanic Studies.

Ethnic Studies with the specialization in Migration and Ethnic Relations are offered at the University of Waterloo and major academic programmes offered by the university include BA in Mediterranean Studies, PhD in Migration and Ethnic Relations, PhD in Hispanic Studies and MA/MSc in Migration and Ethnic Relations.

Other related programmes available in various Canadian universities are BA honours in Atlantic Canada studies, MA in Atlantic Canada studies and Certificate in Atlantic Canada studies (Saint Mary’s University), MA in Canadian studies and PhD in Canadian Studies (University of Ottawa, Carleton University) and BA in Aboriginal Studies,  BA in Canadian Studies, BA in Estonian Studies and BA in Caribbean Studies (University of Toronto)