A Career in Language Studies

language-learning Language study includes learning and teaching of languages. Primary motive of language study is to improve the learning of one’s native language. However, current trend shows that more and more people learn languages as part of alternate language acquisition. It means that the trend of studying foreign languages has found a new height throughout the world.

Importance of language learning

The importance of language learning has been intensified much by modern phenomena such as globalization, communications and mobility. These things have transformed the vast world into a global village. In this global village of diverse people, communication holds much importance. But one needs effective and fast communication skills to survive in this global village. The importance of learning foreign languages lies here.

If you want to play your own role as a global citizen, you require learning at least one extra language other than your native language. In most of the European countries, more than 50 percent of the people practice the new trend. They learn and speak at least one foreign language quite fluently.  As far as teaching an extra language is concerned, the scenario in the US is not so promising.

Interesting statistics

Statistics show that a meager 9.3 percent people in the US speak any foreign language along with their native English language. The figure startles more as America is an important industrialized country.

Career prospect

Young students are embracing foreign languages in most of the countries in the world because the trend offers them vast career prospect. The pressing need of the global economy is effective and fast communication.

Corporate sectors and companies prefer to hire professionals who know more than one language. This diversification is key to the promotion of the businesses. Some of the industries which offer prospective job opportunities to the learners of foreign languages include multi-national corporations (MNCs), customer care services, embassies, public relations, entertainment, tourism, aviation and publication house.


Modern market is ruled by exceptional customer service infrastructure. It is highly recommended to communicate with foreign clients or customers in their own languages. In this way, businesses can benefit from every potential of the market and remain firm among the competitors. This can be achieved through learning of diverse languages.