8 Effective Interview Tips

8 Effective Interview Tips Interview- a scary yet inevitable step towards the job you want. You have made your first impression through your resume and now interview shortlisting is killing you. You are sweating and nervous that how will it go.

You peek here and there for effective flawless tips to get you that job. Relax! Here your search ends with enough researches and lots of interview techniques being understood. Read them up to avoid interview pitfalls and let YOU carry the interview not the interview carry you ofcourse.

Interviews are being held in two ways, either in-person or telephonic. Both the areas are covered along with handful of right tips to grab you the job you are appearing for.

Company profile

It’s always a step ahead thought to get your homework done before falling for the interview. Usually candidates are informed in advance about the interview date and the timing. So, get all the information about the company’s who’s who and company’s products, working strategy, number of employees, details of the personalities who are going to take your interview etc. If you can find some link, use that in appropriate manner. Your homework will give you a good start for your interview and also will ensure the employer that you are serious for the job and not just sneaking around.

First Impression- Attire/Outlook

For in-person interview, your attire must be formal and should be appealing to the employer. A set of formal pant-shirt with an elegant tie will give you a sophisticated yet professional look. For girls, options are endless but make it decent. It’s depending upon the type of job you are applying for. An interview for fashion designer will differ from the interview for IT sector. But in either case, your attire should not be too much revealing or too much massive. Make it light but decent ofcourse.

Introduction-Keep you in check

A very basic but important question thrown from the employer- Tell me about yourself. This question does not mean your family history at all. Just focus on telling about your education, experience, specifications etc. This is exactly the right time where you can buy them by telling your competencies and skills so that they can think of you the right person for the post. Introduction decides the path for further interview. Handle it carefully.

Employer’s motive- To know the truth

Refrain yourself from lying. Mark Twain express it correctly, “If you tell the truth, you never have to remember anything.” No matter how a question is forcing you to lie to make a good impression, always keep in your mind that soon or later, employer will come to know about the secrets you put behind. So, always tell the truth.

Looking for the face behind- Attitude

Your attitude, postures and gesture reveals a lot about you. These are kind of show stoppers who can steal the show. Employers don’t just look after your verbal messages but also your nonverbal messages like hand shake, sitting position, talking manners, fidgeting, eye contact, attire, ringing of mobile, checking time, light and easy going mood etc. It’s obvious to be nervous for an interview but employers never want a nervous employee in their organization. Be confident. Shake hands with your complete palm (not with 2-3 fingers) with warmth and light pressure.

Keep your moves in check. Putting pen in your mouth, shaking legs, sitting impatiently, walking to and fro, talking in rude manner, speaking ill about your previous boss, yawning or showing any kind of negative attitude will surely put off the employer’s mind. Be warm, friendly and polite. Interview may take you to sit for a longer duration than you have anticipated but still sit if you are required to. Don’t get impatient. Talk smoothly to your interviewers. Your impatience might land you with no job at the end. So, get your moves a plus point for you.

Coming to the point- Employment reason and salary history

Highlight of the interview– Why should we hire you? This is the right opportunity when you can talk about yourself only. Impress them by telling your skills and competencies. Also show how you are going to be beneficial for the organization. Throw examples that how you have taken steps towards the betterment of the previous employer. This is the answer every employer silently awaits for. You are the right person, this should be the result of your chit-chat.

Coming to the salary history, it is tricky to tackle. If you had been underpaid in your previous job and don’t want to show it that way though, simply go on telling that you have done previous job for getting some experience or learning and now you have good pieces of them, it’s the time you are looking for a better change with salary hike. Focus mainly on telling that your experience and talents are worth paying fair.

Personality Peak Points- Strengths and weaknesses

Everybody likes to flaunt their strength and cover up their weaknesses. Talking about strengths are easy but talking about your weaknesses are bit tricky. A good team worker, friendly person, can work under pressure and meet deadlines, practical and professional, problem solving etc. are basic but most sought answers. But when it comes to talk about your weaknesses, again pick your strengths to make it a point.

You can say, “I am a usual hard working personality giving attention to every details which leaves me working late sometimes” or “I am a friendly person though I can take tough decisions if it’s for the company’s betterment”. These answers will leave your employers flattered.

Last words- Employer’s details and questions you should avoid

Okay. The whole interview went pretty well but the show hasn’t finished yet. Don’t relax at this point and lose yourself. Employer’s do their best to grab a chance to have a sneak peek of your negative side. They do it to make sure that they are choosing the right candidate for the post. So, they threw their last ball- Do you want anything to ask? Here your homework will work again. You can talk about the latest positive news of the employer’s company and appraise that.

Also you can ask “When should I start in case I got this opportunity?” or regarding your role and its serving to the company. Zip your mouth from asking about salary, increment, tell me something about your company, company’s policies, working on weekends, other jobs available and switching to those (it will simply say you are not interested in the job you are interviewing right now), promotion scopes, route to the office etc. Rude questions are a big no no. Think before you speak. Then only you can catch the ball perfectly and bowled the employer over.

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