3D Animation and Visual Effects a Smart Career Choice

Visual-Effects 3D animation and visual effects study has lots of surprises up its sleeve. There is increasing demand for skilled 3D animation and visual effects professionals in today’s market. Growing business prospects of video games and animation films have made training programs in 3D animation and visual effects a worthwhile education option.

Curriculum of 3D animation and visual effects generally combines traditional arts and computer animation. Traditional subjects include concept of drawing, life drawing, 2D animation, character design and composition. Study of these subjects help the students blend in easily with the environment of 3D computer animation courses. Computer animation programs which the students of 3D animation and visual effects are taught include Photoshop, texturing, animation and 3D modeling.

Specializations Available

You would find 3D animation and visual effects a smart career choice only if you opt for a specialization for you. Generally, 3D animation and visual effects course offers the students three specializations which are known as – 3D animation specialization, visual effects specializations and modeling specialization.

3D Animation Specialization

Students pursuing this area specialize in entire concept and process of 3D animation. They are qualified enough to lead a team for developing a full-length animated movie. Professionals who have done 3D animation specialization can single handedly deal with processes of concept development, texturing, lighting, sound and rendering.

Visual Effects Specialization

Students pursuing this specialization undertake study of effects production and production for an entire VFX shot.

Modeling Specialization

This area of 3D animation and visual effects concentrates on the creation and production of industry standard and production models. Students doing modeling specialization conceptualize professional demo reel with top lighting quality.

Career Prospects In 3D Animation And Visual Effects

3D animation and visual effects study ensures that they become highly skilled 3D artists. Professionals of 3D animation and visual effects can explore career avenues for positions like visual effect artist, technical director, texture artist, lighting artist, modeler, character animator and pre-visualization artist.


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