3 Aeronautics Courses At Cranfield University In U.K

Ranked among the top rated universities in United Kingdom, Cranfield University excels in Aeronautics courses. It offers several full-time courses to the native and foreign students in the sector of Aeronautics.

Thus some of the courses offered by this university can be helpful for students opting to study here. Masters degree in Airport Management is a full time course offered at Cranfield. It aims at developing the pursuant students successfully in various fields of airport industry, ranging from allied job natures of civil aviation sector, airport companies and authorities, aerospace companies.

The course is designed to guide the students in various posts like managerial, interpersonal, financial and analytical skills Thus the specially designed course has modules like lectures on specific practical case study and seminars are arranged which are attended by people who are professional in the airlines sector.

Postgraduate studies in Aerospace Vehicle design is another such full-time course. It had three broad and student-specific categories; one is that of Studies in Structural Design. This course is pursued by students who wish to build their careers as system designers, project design engineers, structural designers or avionic engineers. It is so designed that the students learn while in a calibrated aerospace environment.

There are around 14 lecture module programmes, among which around 1/3 are mandatory, while among others there are optional preferences. The course includes lecture sessions from experienced industry personnel along with industry visits to gain up to ate, practical knowledge. Another category under this is Studies in Avionic Systems Design.

It is only for those graduates who foresee themselves as system designers, structural designers, project design engineers and avionic engineers in aerospace or related industry. Third category is Studies in Aircraft Design. It is a group design project providing a virtual industrial environment and the students are taught the necessary skills and knowledge required for such real aircraft designing projects.

Aerospace Dynamics is another such full time course for Aerospace studies. In this course the students are imparted the knowledge of flow control and measurement of any sector where the knowledge on the principal and nature of liquid flow plays a crucial role.

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